Last updated March 2018


Are you ever going to finish Desired by the Viking Pack? I’ve been waiting forever!

Yes, you have been waiting forever, and you can’t know how much I appreciate your patience. It’s been a LONG time. To answer your question…I don’t know. It’s been almost three years since I started releasing Cleo’s story and a lot has changed since then, both with me and with the book world. The completely honest truth is I have people and animals to feed, and I need to rediscover some writing joy, and as of this writing (March 2018), I am unable to prioritize Desired by the Viking Pack. I hope the time comes when I’m able to pick up where I left off. My tentative plans are to clean up both Desired by the Pack and Desired by the Viking Pack, a bit of polishing, finish Cleo’s story, and repackage/re-release with new cover art and a new title. That’s a big undertaking and I’ll be honest, it’s an overwhelming one. It’s on my list but I need an “easy” success first, so will be releasing something new before I go back to Desired by… books.


Okay, well, what’s going on with the Kings of the Jungle series?

The Kings of the Jungle books are longer than what I usually write. I have 2-3 more books planned in that series, and I’m working on them, but I’m naturally a short and serial writer, so these take longer for me to get just right. Ares and Alexa’s book is outlined, I’d like to start drafting it in April 2018, but circumstances prohibit me from promised timelines right now.


Gavin and Jessie from Forbidden? Uh…what are they doing?

They’re stewing in my brain, as I try to decide where I want to fit them in. They might be a continuation of the Mating Season Collection books, or they might be the start of a spin-off, or… but I haven’t forgotten them (and I’m thrilled you haven’t forgotten them, either). I have some awesome cover art that’s haunting and nagging me.


You had a story in the Taming the Vampire box set back in 2016. What’s going on with that?

Like Gavin and Jessie, my vampires and witches are still percolating. I’m eager to get back to them, especially Isabelle and Niko!


Okay, well, what’s happening RIGHT NOW?

As of March 2018, what’s happening is baby steps. Really tiny baby steps of the creative recovery sort. I’m not sure where I’m going. I re-titled my website to indicate paranormal, fantasy and futuristic romance because I’ve always enjoyed writing all three and I have a backlog of half, mostly, and completely finished books in all three categories. Maybe vampires? Maybe a filthy, medieval fantasy war horse shifter? I’m letting my muse lead for a while in hopes of convincing her to play nice again, so we’ll see what turns up. If you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll be guaranteed regular updates.

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