Haunted by her mistakes.
Hunted by a monster.
Pursued by a lion—and he’s the most dangerous of all.

Lily Bristol moved 2800 miles to escape one disaster of a relationship, so she sure as hell isn’t about to let hormones drag her under again. But when mistakes and monsters converge, sexy lion shifter Jude Burke prowls out of the darkness to teach her how to find strength in surrender.

Show no weakness.
Hold what you have.
Take what you want—and then treat her like a queen.

Jude Burke is a member of the Kings, a Pride of lion shifters who rule the urban haven known as The Jungle. Protecting the territory is everything until fierce, beautiful, vulnerable Lily saunters into his life. But while he’s conquering Lily’s demons, she is conquering him—and the Jungle is giving rise to a poisonous, deadly enemy that could destroy it all…starting with his mate.

About the Series

Animal appetites for sex and blood have no place in human society, but centuries of urban sprawl have left shifters with no choice but to blend. Those who can suppress their hungers do…and those who can’t run wild in The Jungle, a lush urban haven built and ruled by a Pride of lion shifters known as the Kings.

Note to readers: The Kings of the Jungle series features bold women and hungry shifters whose sexual appetites run dark and explicit.

Next Books in Series

Lion’s Bad
Lion’s Sinful

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