Desired by the Viking Pack #6 Update, plus extras

You want to read this! Multi-werewolf loving, what’s coming next, and more.

Have you been checking back every day for news of Desired by the Viking Pack: Part Six? If YES, today is your lucky day! Part Six will …

Exciting news for iBook and Kobo readers!

Desired by the Pack is back at iBooks and Kobo, and will soon be available for Nook owners, too! I’m so excited to be able to share this news, especially with my readers who found me while Parts One through …

The Mating Season draws to a close…or does it?

If you’ve been reading along with the Mating Season Collection releases, you know that Salvation is book three of my Grey Wolves Rising trilogy. I’ve had a great time working with sister authors V. Vaughn, Kenzie Cox, Ronin Winters, Elsa …

The Mating Season and an update on Desired by the Viking Pack

First, a quick update for those of you waiting on the next installment of Desired by the Viking Pack: I encountered some delays since the release of Part 3 in April but Part 4 is coming very soon. Watch for …

Vikings on the rampage! Excerpt from Desired by the Pack: Part One

Did you miss last week’s launch of Desired by the Viking Pack: Part One? In all the excitement I forgot to update my blog, but I’m not forgetting Part Two, which is now live! If you haven’t delved …

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