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You’ve just navigated into a world where the Moon shines bright over her realm, the Sun rages hot beyond the reach of mortal gazes, and alpha shifters defend humanity almost as hard as they love their beautiful, curvy women.

If this is your first time visiting, I’m jealous—your love affair with the wolves of Peace River is just beginning.

If you’ve just finished Desired by the Pack and you’ve come back for more, I’m so glad to see you again. The next steamy adventure is coming soon.

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You want to read this! Multi-werewolf loving, what’s coming next, and more.

Have you been checking back every day for news of Desired by the Viking Pack: Part Six? If YES, today is your lucky day! Part Six will …

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  • What Readers Say "Raw, powerful and compelling! Desired by the Pack by Emma Storm is an absolutely amazing series… The story is exciting, original, action packed, thrilling, compelling, heart wrenching, romantic, arousing, sensual and steamy.... [A] masterpiece of paranormal romance and suspense." —Amazon reader Judy
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